2.03.11 – Tomorrow | Interview

PLEASE tune in on Thursday Feb. 3rd (at 7pm PST/10pm EST) to “Radio Like You Want” www.punkradiocast.com , which features our band La Plebe, along with an international set of music which we selected, of music by friends and colleagues, that we like and appreciate very much…  The show is unlike any other interview we’ve done in the past, as the 2 gentlemen conducting the interview, are none other then Mr. Blag Dahlia from the Dwarves, along with our friend and long time supporter Michael Routhier, formerly of the radio show “Neat Neat Noise”, which was on Pirate Cat Radio… 

The show itself is chalk full of shenanigans, transgressions and overall hell raising, thanks to our wonderful hosts, and our own lack of tact and inhibition (i guess that the beer and smokeables deserve some gratitude as well)…  Anyways, the show will be available for podcast as of Friday Feb 4th, and can be downloaded for future listen…  Thank you for your time, consideration, and overall support… 

~La Plebe

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