Final 2 Shows!

10-14-16-both 10-15-16-el-rio

Greetings Dear family and friends, music lovers and social activists everywhere…

So after 15+ years of musical and cultural activity, approximately 750 gigs in many different countries (and locales), we would like to announce that we will be playing our FINAL 5 gigs in the next 3 months, as we have decided to cease operations, and close up the Plebe shop… It would be futile to try and convey the depth of our gratitude, as the words for such a profound sentiment, truly do not exist… In turn, we would like to invite those people that are able to join us for these REMAINING events to please do so, as it would be an honor to share time and space with our beloved family and friends, at least one (five) more time(s) if possible… We truly have been a very fortunate group of people, and we appreciate the love and consideration that we have received over the years… We hope that our musical (and social) contribution to this world has been a positive one, one which could have never been possible without the collective support which we have received over the years (and for that, we will always be grateful)… So please join us for any of these upcoming events, which are outlined down below… With nothing more for the time being, WE sincerely thank YOU!… Con todo el ‘inche corazón, MUCHAS gracias!!!

Saludos querida Familee!!!

Después de 15 años en plena actividad musical, y alrededor de 750 presentaciones en diferentes países del mundo, les avisamos de que nuestra trayectoria cultural acerca su punto FINAL, y estaremos tocando nuestros ULTIMOS 5 eventos dentro de los siguientes 3 meses… NO existen las palabras adecuadas para expresar la profundidad de nuestro aprecio total al recibir tantos años de amor, apoyo y ternura, por medio de nuestra querida raza al nivel mundial… Siempre hemos sido un grupo muy afortunados, algo cual está muy presente en nuestro colectivo corazón, y nunca se olvidará por nuestra parte… Tenemos la esperanza de que puedan comprender esta decisión que hemos tomado, ya que después de tantos años dentro de este ambiente musical (y social), ya nos alcanzó el momento de concluir este viaje tan lindo, algo que queremos celebrar en forma muy positiva… Les enviamos nuestro aprecio más profundo hoy y siempre, y con todo el ‘inche corazón, les damos nuestras gracias (por vida!)… Con nada más por el momento, les enviamos un fuerte abrazo!!! MUCHAS gracias!!!

La Plebe FINAL shows!!! DO NOT MISS!!!
Advanced Tickets HIGHLY recommended!!!
8/26/16 – DNA Lounge, Get Dead Album Release Show! – SF

9/02/16 – Appleton Grill, with The Inciters! – Watsonville

9/03/16 – 924 Gilman St, Herman Lema Memorial Event! – Berkeley

10/14/16 – Bottom of the Hill, 25th Anniversary Show! – SF

10/15/16 – El Rio, Scott Alcoholocaust’s 50th Birthday Celebration! – SF

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7.9.16 - Parkside

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5.21.16 - Oakland

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